Coal Wins Again: Global Energy Use by Source, from the 2012 BP Statistical Review

The 2012 BP Statistical Review, covering 2011 world energy data, has been released. With global oil production roughly flat for a seventh year, coal once again gained global share of total primary energy consumption. World consumption of coal rose 5.4% in 2011, as oil consumption eked out a very small, 0.7% gain. As for other sources, nuclear use fell notably by -4.3%. And world natural gas consumption was restrained to a 2.2% advance, owing to a large retreat in European demand. Finally, while starting from a small position, both hydropower and renewables (biofuels, solar, wind) once again made very strong gains.

As a result, coal’s share of primary energy consumption has now risen above 30%, as coal continues its relentless attack on oil’s market share. Nuclear’s share falls below 5%, while natural gas and hydropower maintained their positions compared to 2010.