Total Employment in the US Falls Again

Total employment in the United States fell in July by 38,000 people, from 139.334 to 139.296 million. This was a much smaller loss than the previous month. However, once again the average number of total employed for the current year is in decline. My forecast is that by next year, after revisions and the complete data, 2011’s average—currently at 139.55 million–will fall below 2010’s average of 139.07 million. | see: United States Total Employment in Millions (seasonally adjusted) 2001-2011.

Just as we learned with recent GDP revisions, which showed the economy had still not eclipsed the 2007 highs in real terms, total employment in the United States continues on a flat to downward path. Slowly but surely, America is coming to accept there was no sustainable economic recovery after 2008. Indeed, the economy is still very much tied down to the conditions of that financial crisis, and will be mired there for several more years.


  • The US employment to population ratio has been trending sharply downwards since 2000 — the US is not creating sufficient jobs to keep up with population growth — everything we read about improving employment in the US is simply propaganda intended to confuse the public into thinking all is well — nothing could be farther from the truth — more at:

    Main Street America is living through an employment depression — that’s a fact…

  • Between high Union wages and the highest corporate taxes possible, we have no chance of bringing our manufacturing jobs back. Very few Corp. can afford this high cost of production and actually be able to make any profit. The Big Labor Unions and High Tax levels have this Country held hostage. The progressive agenda is in full swing. 

  • you do realize that profits are at an all time high, right?  Maybe on the planet kolob labor has too much money, but not in the united states.