Macro Flow: Sunday Night MacroTwits

Stocktwits, a unique application linked to Twitter, has received some very nice press coverage recently for its unique programming and rising popularity. Tonight, I’ll be hosting a new Hour on Stocktwits called MacroTwits, which will start at 9pm New York time.StockTwits

Participating on Stocktwits is easy. You just sign up for a Twitter account, and then use those same details to log in to to Stocktwits. In order for the Stocktwits application to see your messages, users prefix every stock symbol with a single dollar sign “$”. For messages that don’t reference a stock symbol, you must either start or end the message with a double dollar sign “$$”.

Tonight should be interesting because Twitter has a great number of capable and independent thinkers on the economy and global markets. There is already a strong flow of ideas on Twitter/Stocktwits. On issues that range from the Japanese Yen, US Treasuries, Policy, Gold, and global stimulus packages from Germany to China the conversation has, in fact, already begun.

The MacroTwits hour will be a nice way to coalesce and gather over these ideas at a set time. The same tone of friendliness and openness that obtains on Twitter is equally shared at Stocktwits. To that end, everyone should feel welcome.

MacroTwits. Sunday nights at 9pm New York time. See you then.


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